No 133: February 2021

No 133: February 2021

Table of Contents

EATCS Matters

Letter from the President PDF
Artur Czumaj
Letter from the Bulletin Editor PDF
Kazuo Iwama
EATCS-IPEC Nerode Prize - Call for Nominations PDF
Virginia V. Williams
In Memoriam Lars Arge ∗ 8.10.1967 — † 23.12.2020 PDF
Gerth Stølting Brodal
Thoughts on Alan Selman (1941–2021)* PDF
Lane A. Hemaspaandr

EATCS Columns

Hilbert’s Tenth Problem for Fixed d and n PDF
William Gasarch, The Algorithmics Column by Thomas Erlebach
Logo Environments in the Focus of Time PDF
Jacqueline Staub, The Education Column by Juraj Hromkovic
Some Results on Regular Events for Multitape Finite Automata: A Preliminary Report PDF
Alexander Godlevsky, Hayk Grigoryan, Tigran Grigoryan, Samvel Shoukourian, The Formal Language Theory Column by Giovanni Pighizzini
Logical foundations: Personal perspective PDF
Yuri Gurevich, The Logic in Computer Science Column by Yuri Gurevich

Book Introduction by the Authors

Essentials of Finitely Supported Structures PDF
Andrei Alexandru, Gabriel Ciobanu, Book Introduction by the Authors Invited by Emanuela Merelli