No 136: February 2022

No 136: February 2022

Table of Contents

EATCS Matters

Letter from the President PDF
Artur Czumaj
Salomaa Prize in Automata Theory, Formal Languages and related topics PDF
Juraj Hromkovic

EATCS Columns

Know the Person behind the Papers: Keren Censor-Hillel PDF
The Interview Column by Chen Avin and Stefan Schmid
Computational Complexity PDF
Lance Fortnow, The Theory Blogs Column by Luca Trevisan
Symmetry and Anonymity in Shared Memory Concurrent Systems PDF
Michel Raynal, Gadi Taubenfeld, The Distributed Computing Column by Seth Gilbert
Wigner’s quasidistribution and Dirac’s kets PDF
Andreas Blass, Yuri Gurevich, Alexander Volberg, The Logic in Computer Science Column by Yuri Gurevich
Meta-Computational Average-Case Complexity: A New Paradigm Toward Excluding Heuristica PDF
Shuichi Hirahara, The Computational Complexity Column by Michal Koucky

Book Introduction by the Authors

Profinite Semigroups and Symbolic Dynamic PDF
Jorge Almeida, Alfredo Costa, Revekka Kyriakoglou, Dominique Perrin, Book Introduction by the Authors Invited by Christian Choffrut