No 119: June 2016

No 119: June 2016

Table of Contents

EATCS Matters

Letter from the President PDF
Luca Acceto
Letter from the Bulletin Editor PDF
Kazuo Iwama
Hartmut Ehrig (1944–2016) PDF
Reiko Heckel, with contributions by A. Corradini, U. Montanari, H.J. Kreowski, F. Orejas, G. Rozenberg
Helmut Veith (1971–2016) PDF
Thomas Eiter, Richard Zach
Helmut Veith (1971–2016) by Richard Zach PDF
Richard Zach
For Helmut Veith (1971–2016) “I have this idea” PDF
Oliver Lehmann
David Stifler Johnson: A Tribute by Lance Fortnow PDF
Lance Fortnow

EATCS Columns

Survey of Distributed Decision PDF
Laurent Feuilloley, Pierre Fraigniaud, The Distributed Computing Column by Stefan Schmid
Learn to Program? Program to Learn! PDF
Matthias Hauswirth, The Education Column by Juraj Hromkovic
Fundamentals of p-values: Introduction PDF
Yuri Gurevich, Vladimir Vovk, The Logic in Computer Science Column by Yuri Gurevich

News and Conference Reports

Report on BCTCS 2016 PDF
Amitabh Trehan
Report from the Japanese Chapter PDF
Ryuhei Uehara


Are you interested in theoretical computer science? (How not???) I have some advice for you PDF
Michael Fellows
EATCS Fellows’ Advice to the Young Theoretical Computer Scientist PDF
Luca Aceto with contributions by:, Mariangiola Dezani-Ciancaglini, Yuri Gurevich, David Harel, Monika Henzinger, Giuseppe F. Italiano, Scott Smolka, Paul G. Spirakis, Wolfgang Thomas

Contributions by EATCS Award Recipients

Interview with Stephen Brookes and Peter W. O’Hearn Recipients of the 2016 Godel Prize PDF
Luca Aceto
Interview with Rajeev Alur and David Dill 2016 Alonzo Church Award Recipients PDF
Luca Aceto